Algebraic Mantra

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Algebraic Mantra Meditation is a highly experimental meditation technique. You may find this technique usefull or you may not. It may be used as a transitional technique to go forward true meditation. Some people with a scientific background may find this technique well suited for their mind.

Purification of the mental speech

If your mind is too agitated, you may try to replace words with purely algebraic expressions by replacing each and every word by X.

For instance, the sentence: the pine is a tree would become x x x x x

Since X can mean everything, the process of replacing words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, complements) with it purifies the content of the mind. This creates openness and helps remove limitations from the thinking process. It is however useless to add more X than there would be words in the first place. Once one achieve total replacement of words to Xs, one can start progressively reducing the amount of remaining X until the mind is quiet.

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