Central vs auxiliary beings

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The central being surrounded by auxiliary beings
Plurality of divine manifestations

Warning, this article describes a mental projection of reality.

Central being

As an individual, you are at the center of the universe as a local god. Your influence on it can shape the course of time to a larger extant than the influence of other people (auxiliary beings) which are also central beings in parallel universes. Each parallel universe interact with one other through social and physical interactions as a mean for the collective perpetual creation of the universal absolute. You truly live in the insert-your-name-here-ish universe. Because of the non-linearity of time, the free will choices your make can lead you to some different futures than those other people may go because of their choices.

Auxiliary beings

Auxiliary beings are the other people you interact with in your local universe. They are co-projections of their central beings, but are heavily influenced by you, as the central being. Symmetrically, you also exist as auxiliary beings in parallel universes in which the central beings are the other people. These auxiliary manifestations of yourself are therefore quite influenced by the central beings of these universes and may go to different futures than the future you (as the central being) will go.

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