Contradiction and duality

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Thinking mind series
Two points of view

Excessive contradiction in a mental conceptualization aiming to describe a phenomenon can be an indicator flaws in the model used, however, one must accept some contradictions.

As a natural side effect

Perception of contradictions are side effects of a comparison of conceptualizations of reality. Since conceptualizations are always imperfect constructs, the superposition of two parallel conceptualization of a same state of affair will reveal contradictions at places were approximations are made using different rules or sampling.

Must not be a stopper

It is a common mistake to always consider a contradiction to be a stopper. One must embrace contradiction as a natural artifact of mental representations, however, an excess of contradictions is a sign of a fundamentally flawed model. One can think of the concept Doublethink as something acceptable to some extant.

As an illusion

Duality only exists in the mental realm. It does not truly exist. It is just the result of the comparison of two points of view. Points of view are always imperfect because they only show one limited aspect of reality. If someone could get the full picture of the universal absolute, there would be no room for contradiction.

See: mental

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