What happens when we die?

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When we die our ego is annihilated so we can see the universal absolute as our true nature. We are now then freed from this self created illusion. We as the universal absolute can now choose to create new manifestations inside consciousness so we reincarnate, but there is no separation between individual consciousnesses. Before your birth your ego didn't exist but you already existed as all other living creatures. After your death, you will exist as all other creatures. This is your current condition, but your ego prevents you from seeing it.

Other people as a manifestation of ourselves

As we die, all the still-existing beings are our reincarnation since we all are manifestation of a single being: the universal absolute.

Going out of Gaia's womb

Since we live in Gaia's womb, when we die, we simply move outward to another layer of manifestation.

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