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Thinking mind series


What is the ego? How do I recognize it?

We often confuse our ego with consciousness and vice-versa. Ego is a component of consciousness, it is not the whole consciousness. When meditating, it is important to recognize the ego. It is also very important not to see ego where it is not. Trying to suppress or detach from what one wrongly believes to be the ego can cause a lot of suffering, especially if the ego is doing the process itself.

The inner companion

The ego is an inner companion flowing inside of you as autonomous thoughts and judgments. One must not try to suppress the ego, but rather, must give just enough attention to it. It can be a useful ally when performing some tasks, but it can also drain a lot of your energy if you give it too much attention. While remaining in awareness, one must look at the ego just like ordinary perception of your immediate environment (people, animals, trees, objects). The ego will talk to you and you may listen to it while remaining calm.

An illusion

Identification to the ego is what creates an illusion of separation from the rest of the universe. It is a false self as we truly share only one consciousness while ego exists in material and mental realms. Separation from God and other beings is an illusion as our true nature is the unified universal absolute. We must free ourselves from ego identification and surrender in love.

The result of association to our thoughts

We sometimes associate thoughts in our mind to be our true self. That mistake is a source of suffering. Our true self is consciousness itself.

As a necessity for interaction and love

The universal absolute as our true nature creates an infinite number of diversified manifestations as a mean for seemingly parallel and separated consciousnesses to interact with each others. Otherwise, the universal absolute would be alone and without love, hence the christian concept of trinity (in which the father loves the son and vice versa even if they are both the same entity). Egos are divine manifestations of God with infinite possible features.

As the central being

You, central being of this reality, is a local god with much more free will than the other people which are auxiliary beings. You can shape the world by changing your self.

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