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Universal absolute

There is no dictator-like monotheistic God separated from you. Separation from the universal absolute is an illusion created by the ego. The universal absolute can be considered to be God.

Anthropomorphic God

Human beings sometimes give a human form attribute to their gods because of the limitation of the human brain. In fact, this human personality is an illusion. God's personality is something much higher. Other creatures with a less significant ego may perceive God as an impersonal universal absolute (Brahman) since they are in symbiosis with it. For instance, a tree sees no separation between himself and the planet just like a cell sees no separation between itself and the body.

God as our true nature, our true self

While individual ego is a false self, God is our true self. When we free ourself from attachment to the ego, we (and other people) become aware that we are God, the source of the sense of 'I' ness (Atman) as pure consciousness within us.

God as a mother

God as the mother

God can be described as the gender-less mother of all manifestations (the planet, the plants, animals, people) which are in fact not separated from it.

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God as love

God is pure love, and in order to feel the connection to God, one must sincerely love God.

God as you, the central being of this world

Because you are at the central being of this world, you have, even as an ego, much more influence on it than it seems. You may create a future according to your will and this future will be shaped in a unique way according to the non-linearity of time. Other people may build their own futures in which an auxiliary being version of you may go. In your future, other people are the auxiliary beings, and the more compatible (in phase) your future are, the less auxiliary these beings will be.

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