How to deal with negative emotions

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In our modern western society, we often neglect to "digest" our emotions. We give a high value to intellectualization while we consider emotions to be of a lesser value. The lack of attention given to our emotions can create disruption and unbalance in your being. Instead of integrating our emotions, we rationalize them and cut them into tiny pieces of ideas.

When feeling negative emotions, one must remove thought associated with it (without denying the emotion itself!). The ego will resist and try to rationalize or judge the emotion but such judgment or rationalization will be an imperfect conceptualization of the reality.

In order to deal with emotions, me must look at the emotion itself without trying to justify nor judge it until the emotion is fully integrated (the emotion must be symbiotic with the self). This process must be done through silence in the mind while merging with the emotion itself. Memories associated with the emotion may emerge. Such memories must be embraced. After a while, suffering will end.

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The Screem, Edvard Munch
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