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Karma, or natural selection is a fundamental behavior of self regulation in the universal absolute. In order to improve the world, one must improve him/herself. See: progressive improvement the self to improve the world. Without karma, no system would be sustainable. The universal absolute itself as a whole is however free from karma and natural selection because it is perfect.


Layers of self regulation

Natural selection

The impact we have on the world is like a foot print for which the world has to adapt. The oppressor is training the oppressed to adapt. As time passes, a system is immunized against this negative impact because vulnerable parts were destroyed from this oppression while parts adapted survive were kept. This process renders the oppressor's strategy ineffective. The biological immune system is a good example of this phenomenon. The very act of destroying will inevitably result in self destruction. The more negative karma is accumulated to continuous oppression, the more the destruction of the source will be brutal. Another example would be a dominant culture that suppresses innovation to maintain status quo in order to maintain domination while the oppressed culture receives adaptive pressure that forces it to innovate. Through war, a dominant culture can train a dominated culture to become a powerful enemy in so much that the balance of power is shifted.

On the other hand, positive impact on a system will create a synergistic loop that will empower the source of the positive or creative action.

See: Concept for natural selection in the mental realm

Conscious abstinence

A human being adopts a self regulating attitude towards a destructive behavior. For instance, a man restricts from harming other people.

Pride vs shame or conscious self punishment

Emotions such as pride and shame are rewards and punishment inflicted by oneself as a mean to reinforce some actions. It is a conscious form for self regulation and it has the advantage of reacting quickly enough to prevent the aggregation of negative karma.

Immediate regulation by other creatures

As members of a collectivity, creatures can regulate actions of other creatures and prevent them from doing oppression while we can reinforce some behavior and create a collective synergy.

The continuity of relation with people

Your interaction with other people is a smooth continuum of persistent relationships. The way you behave with someone will influence the way people will interact with you. (See other people).

Tides of the karma

Main article: Tides of the karma

Taking care of other's karma

Because of our interconnectivity and the nature of karma itself, taking care of other people's karma is a very efficient way of taking care of one's karma.

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