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God (not God of religions) is sometimes a misunderstood artist

Our world is God's perpetual creation. God is both the creator and the creation as us and everything. When looking at art, it may be tempting to criticize an artist's creation by trying to find flaws while ignoring all the beauty and originality of the rest. Art is always perfect in itself just like our world which is our divine's nature's perpetual creation regardless what we consider to be flaws. The world of forms is always a transitory state of this process. Flaws in our world are always illusions as the product of the process of comparing our world in itself with a conceptual representation we carry in our minds. Mismatches between our minds and the world creates the illusion of flaws which we sometimes judge and such judgement creates suffering.

That being said, it doesn't mean have to remain passive through adversity, rather, we can choose to create more happiness and love with our creative energy (which is the same as life, love and art).

Some aspects are imaginary

We may sometimes hate things such as corporations, governments or anything, but such metal constructs / mental projections do not truly exist in the universal absolute.

What is evil

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Hate can only be directed to yourself

We sometimes feel a lot of suffering because of our hate for some manifestations of reality. Fear and hate for manifestation of the universal absolute can only create division and suffering since your true nature is the universal absolute itself. Because these hated or feared manifestations exist as integral parts of you, hate and fear can only be directed to yourself. Hate is always self destructive.

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