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How to meditate

In order to meditate, you can surrender to the here and now, let go and accept reality as it is. Some autonomous thoughts may occur in your mind, you must not fight them because such fight comes from the ego.

The process of union

In order to meditate, you must merge with the universal absolute / higher self. This process must be initiated form yourself as the universal absolute towards your human self. You are the boundless cosmic sea, and you absorb your human self. Doing the opposite (from your human self to the higher self) will create a sense of lack and separation since it will make you believe you are missing something.

How to deal with the ego

While the mind is not the ego itself, identification to the mind is made by the ego. As your ego talks to you autonomously, you may leave meditative state by joining with the ego and lose yourself in subconscious thinking, or you may remain in meditative state by looking at your ego like you look at other perception (physical, emotional and mental). Because the mental system is a common interface for communication with the ego, it is easy to get drained. Instead of doing this, one must consciously choose to remain the passive observer of the thoughts created by the ego. That doesn't mean one must refrain from consciously creating thoughts. The mind is not an exclusive component of the ego, but generally speaking, thoughts often drifts into automatic thoughts from the subconscious ego. Parsimoniously and consciously creating thoughts while meditating is acceptable when awareness of the here and now is kept.

The voice in the mind

The voice in your mind is only sound, and you must not feed it nor judge it nor suppress it, just let it be and remain passive towards it. Do not try to conceptualize your experience. The experience of meditation cannot be explained by concepts.

Do not try to nullify consciousness

By trying not to identify with the ego, it is dangerous to mistake the ego to be everything in consciousness. Trying to free oneself from the ego while doing that mistake may result in trying to empty consciousness itself. Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Meditation is no the absence of consciousness. Meditation is consciousness itself. That being said, the talking mind often create judgments that prevent us from seeing the reality for what it is. In order to meditate, we must step back and look at the talking mind along with everything else flowing in consciousness (physical, mental, emotional) at the same time.

Inner perceptions

You may see pictures and sensory perception inside your mind. You must not try to suppress nor feed nor judge them, just accept them.

Inner emotions

Feelings/emotions must not be judged nor associated with thoughts. Feelings must neither be justified. Remain in awareness and look at the feeling for what it is. There is great knowledge in these emotions. You can merge with them to gain that knowledge. Once the emotional knowledge is acquired, negative emotions will be gone.

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Quiet your body

In order to quiet your body, you may try to be in a physical state similar to when you lose yourself in your thoughts, but only on the physical aspect of the practice. Losing yourself in thoughts is not meditation.

The breath

Focusing your attention on your breath may help you, but you must not try to control your breath.

See: How to deal with negative emotions

When can you practice meditation?

You can be in meditative state at any moment in your life. No need to be detached from others. Meditation can be practiced in public transportation, while walking alone and even when interacting with other people.

Union of the ego with the higher self

Since the ego perceives a false separation with the rest of the universe, creating the union (from within) the union of the ego with the universal absolute / higher self will give positive results.

Algebraic Mantra

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