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Thinking mind series

A mental projection is a mental construct (concept) which is created in order to explain an emotion or a perceived phenomenon. Such projections do not exist as themselves, but only in unique subjective representation within our minds.

Because mental projections derive from the perception of real agents (emotions, people, natural phenomena), we believe the mental projection to be a real phenomenon, but it is not the case. What we perceive is the effect of the phenomenon itself.

Using free will, we can both create and destroy mental projections since they are mere illusions of the thinking mind.

Some example mental projections (false) and their effect (true)

The government

The government is a mental projection of a set of phenomena of interaction between people. It only exists in the minds of people in various form for which each instance is unique. Outside of the mind, there is no government. We often believe the government to exist because we are conditioned to do so. It is like a religion or a superstition.

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