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Thinking mind series

The mind (or mental) is the 6th sense. it enables us to create thoughts (which are composed of concepts). The mind is very tightly attached to the ego because we often mistake the mind to be our true self. That is to say: we associate ourselves to be our thoughts while they are merely sensory perceptions (qualias).

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The Mental "Matrix"

The Matrix

The mental matrix is a psychological prison created by the egoic mind of individuals. It is similar to the matrix from the movie, but it is not of a cybernetic nature. Because we use words to describe experiences of reality, we create limitation and separations. This mental matrix is collectively reinforced by the medias. Sometimes we pollute our mind with residual conceptual structure that do not truly exist in the absolute reality. One must free him/herself from the matrix through acknowledging the reality by looking at it without any form of word attribution nor judgment. The absolute reality is what it is, and that without any word, while the mental matrix is just one of the many potential conceptual representation of it.

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