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Changing yourself to change the world

As the central being, you have the opportunity to improve this world by changing yourself since the world is a projection of what you are. Each aspect of it is in fact the analog of an aspect of yourself but on a much larger scale. By improving your karma, the world can be improved as well. For instance, as post-industrial human beings, we sometimes live as slaves inside human farms and livestock for corporations. This state of being is the projection of how we treat non-human animals such as cows and chickens. See: vegetarianism.

One goal at time

In order to be efficient in the perpetual improvement of reality, one must set one goal at time, and only when one change has been successfully integrated in one's life that a new change can start to be integrated. Trying to change everything at the same time often result in no change at all because too much energy is required. One must be focused on one easy goal at time until the change in life habit is integrated permanently.

The path is more important than the goal

Throughout your lifetime, you may not succeed in achieving the total transformation required to attain your ideals, but it is still very important to do some of these changes while you can. Other people (which are manifestations of your true self) may continue the work you have started on your path.

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