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Visual representation of nonlinear time

Warning, this article describes a mental projection of reality.

In contradiction with the idea of eternal present (which is true in the absolute reality), ones's mental perception of time can be visualized as a tree shaped structure. The present is the trunk, the future is represented by the branches while the past is represented by the roots. This representation of time is symmetric.


The non-linearity of the future

As central beings, whenever we make choices, we influence the future. Each possible future exist in parallel to each other. They constitute the branches of the tree. Visualizing the future as non-linear is quite simple because we can think of the future in terms of various possibilities or paths, but here's a twist: the past is also non-linear.

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The non-linearity of the past

The closer we get to the present, the most unified the past is. The same is also true for immediate future, but the more we go away from the present time, the less unified reality becomes. As the future branches outwards, the past is a merge of various parallel realities, and the deeper you go in the pasts, the more distant these pasts will be to each others. When pasts merge, some opposite features from each roots are discarded in a way similar to phase cancellation as a mean to keep consistency by reducing contradictions. What we believe to be the past is in fact the average of the merge of various pasts. Some roots are thin and some are broader. This process describes how memory is created.

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Present is the trunk

We can consider the present to be the trunk of the tree shaped time continuum. It is the merging bridge-point between the roots and the branches (multiple pasts and futures). In the absolute reality, the present is eternal.

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Collective time is shaped like a forest

We can also think of the collective perception of time as a forest for which each ego is a tree.

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