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Warning, this article describes a mental projection of reality.

It is important to understand that time is an illusion. Only the eternal present exist. Past and future are only in the mind as in its conceptual abstract form. Because of the non-linearity of time, a central being (such as yourself) can shape the world according to free will thus a unique future is created as a projection of the self.


Human condition in general

End of the "rise and fall" cycles of empires

Nowadays, communication and exchanges are so fast that for an empire to rise and fall takes very little time. We will come to a point when there will be no more empires.

Reduction of population

Because of secularization, capitalism, environmental concerns and easy access contraception, the world's population will be reduced drastically. That reduction will be beneficial since the environmental footprint of humankind will be largely attenuated.

Resolution of the Israelo-Palestinian conflict

Because of world wide secularization movements, the Israelo-Palestinian will be solved naturally. Whether the Israel/Palestine state is divided in two will not be of crucial importance since secular people (jews and muslims) will live in peace.

Trade unions in East Asia, outsourcing to West Africa

As the purchase power will rise in countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan, the standard of living will be increased. New movements playing the role of "trade unions" will emerge, and the wages of the working class will be increased for better social justice. East Asia will then need to outsource many of its industrial sectors (textile etc) to places like West Africa.

Africa, South Asia and South America : the cradle of innovations and reforms

Because of their great potential and the lack of existing structures binding people to old systems, many great political, environmental, economical and political reforms will initially come from Africa, South Asia and South America. Western countries will be highly influenced these new ways of thinking.

Normalization of migration rate

The immigration rate will be naturally normalized among each countries. There will be some countries for which the immigration or emigration rate will be higher depending on the changing context, but the differences of rate between countries will be reduced in general.


Expansion of human wisdom and maturity

Humankind will learn more about its potential and how to use it wisely. As rhythm at which new technological innovations are developed slows down steadily, we will learn to master our existing unmastered potential. Pollution, overconsumption, world starvation and war will be reduced while organic agriculture and renewable energies will rise. The humankind will learn how to be fully integrated in nature.

Islam in western countries

Because of immigration and higher fertility rate for immigrants, there will be a significant increase of the muslim population in Western Countries. Some non-immigrants will also convert from christianity to islam as a mean for acceptance and peace, protestation against the economic system, and sometimes as a teenage-hood curiosity and will for acceptance and self-identification. In general, muslims will be quite secular and moderate and governments will remain as secular as they are. Ultimately, western Islam will be in decline just like Christianity. Among all the countries in the western world, the USA will be the least affected but this phenomenon because of christian fundamentalist, increased disdain for Islam since the 9/11 attacks and their courage when fighting against islamism.

Rise of atheism

Atheism will be in rise world wide as people will continue to reject religious dogmas and theocracies.

Fall of Christian creationism

As Christianity is at the end of it's life cycle, the decline will continue. Many moderate Christians will become deists.

Rise of Environmentalism-based religions

Because of the lack of spiritual ideologies, many humans will need to fill this spiritual void in order to give a meaning to their lives. Many religions based on environmentalism will be created. These religions will be inspired by ancient paganism and animism. The lack of environmentalistic guidelines in abrahamic religions and the rise of concerns regarding the environment will be a contributing factor. Such new religious movements will restore the once given divine nature to the mother earth.

Secularization of the Middle East

As the human condition will be improved in some countries in the middle east, Islam will no longer be used for politics. In some other countries, Islamic theocracies will be instituted for a few decades, but people will revolt against corruption of the state and misuse of religion.


Chinese innovation in energy production, end of oil

Since China is prevented by the US from buying petroleum directly from the middle east (through control of the pipelines), China will be forced to develop new sources of energy. Oil will inevitably become obsolete just like US military presence for pipeline control.

Reaching the limits of technology

As we approach the end of Moore's law, the rate innovation in electronic device will be slowed down. Regardless of the technological stagnation, the Internet will play an important role in the elevation of human wisdom by bringing people together.

Reduction of the production of electronics and plastic

Because the the expansion of Internet and software, combined with stagnation in the development of new electronic devices, the focus will be on the development of software instead of hardware. Since software piracy will not decline but rise, many companies will use websites as services instead of selling software. Bacteries will natually evolve the capability to digest plastic like any other hydrocarbon and all plastic will become biodegradable.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy will become mainstream and will eventually replace fossil fuels. It will be considered as an undesirable and dangerous source of energy, but it will be still used. We will eventually be able to recycle nuclear wastes in order to gather nuclear energy from it, thus reducing environmental hazards.

Artificial Intelligence Hype

Main article: Artificial Intelligence


Organic farming

Some countries will be unable to export anything industrially produced because of competition from developing countries. In order to survive, people will turn to farming. In colder countries, hydroponics and greenhouses will be used massively. Because of the environmental damage proliferated by corporations such as Monsanto, common sense and desire to belong to the environment will motivate people to go for organic farming.

Rise of renewable energies, fall of fossil fuels

As China will is prevented by the US to fulfill its demand on fossil fuels, it will be forced to innovate in terms of finding alternative sources of energy. Many other economic and environmental factors will also contribute to this shift in other countries.


Industrial animal farming will be prohibited because of its immoral enslaving of animals. Humankind will realize the importance of treating animals with respects as they are just as sentient as we are. Industrial animal farming is very harmful for our Karma because the meat we eat is not healthy.

Alternatives to vegetarianism : animal reserves

In order to keep eating meat but in an ethical way, we will create massive reserves and parks so we can hunt animals with primitive weapons only (spears and bows). Abusive hunting will be strictly prohibited.

Reduction of pollution

As we will be no more dependent on fossil fuels, and as overconsumption will be on its decline, we will be on our way to resolve our environmental problems.


Inversion of the exponential economic growth curve

As the world's population will reach a critical mass, exponential economic growth (which is required by the capitalistic system) will become impossible unless we start colonizing other planets (which is impossible because the required energy and technology is not available). Major economists will start to speculate on the decline of the financial system and will make short term profits on the prediction of decline. In the long run, all of these short term gains will be lost because of the economic collapse. Money devaluation will cause members of the lazy super-rich elite to lose their statuses while members of the proletariat will have to struggle to survive and be forced to innovate.

See: Karma

Reduction of productivity

Humankind will realize the pointlessness of according too much importance productivity as the increase of productivity will become impossible to sustain while productivity only turns people into slaves. We will begin to learn to focus on what's essential: family, education, love, organic farming.

Reforms of the financial system

Stock exchange, interests, speculation, debt enslavement, fractional reserve banking, corporate immunity, corporate welfare and corporate corruption of governments will be abolished by the inversion of the exponential growth curve in synergy with social revolutions. People will gain back the control over the financial system in order to make it fulfill a the purpose of serving people and not a marginal elite.

Fair globalization

As the humankind's spiritual awareness will rise, compassion and love will motivate people to redistribute wealth. Innovation in developing countries will also increase the world's social justice. Unlike the old system, the new economy will be based on compassion and solidarity instead of fear, greed and lies.

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