Work must be a contribution to your collectivity

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It is important that one's work be in concordance with one's beliefs and ideals of a greater good. Work has to be constructive for the improvement of the world. In some cases, welfare may be more ethical than work. It is sometimes difficult to change our life habits, but we must try to change one habit at once. See: progressive improvement the self to improve the world


Ethics of work

Work must not prevent oneself to attain higher objectives

Students shouldn't compromise their studies by working too many hours. Work must not be self destructive.

Work must not destroy the environment

Working in an industry involved in tar sands, hydrological fracturing or any other activities harming the planet should be avoided.

Work must not promote the use of abusive work of other people

Working in clothing industry may promote the exploitation of some foreign workers.

Work must not be harmful to the health of other beings

Working in the industrial food commerce (McDonald's, Monsanto etc) may harm other human beings and the ecosystem. Such jobs must be avoided.

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